A Heart full of Music & Mitzvot...

A frail and well-dressed lady approached me after our Shirenu Chorus concert yesterday at Seacrest Village. Leaning on her walker, she slowly extended her hand to me. “Thank you so much,” she said to me. At first she was smiling, but as she continued to speak, her eyes filled with tears. “Those songs were so beautiful,” she said, her voice beginning to crack. “When I heard ‘Halleluyah’ and the others…” Her voice trailed off. I held her hand and smiled at her, chatting for another minute or two, moved to my core by the emotions she was expressing.

There are no words to adequately describe how proud I am to be a part of the Shirenu Chorus of Congregation Beth El I want to thank those special people who honored their commitment to the Mitzvah of "Chesed" (acts of loving kindness) by sharing the joy of liturgical and other Jewish music with the community, and for bringing a smile to the faces of those who are not able to get out too often—if at all. It is a joy and honor to work with you!  

We will be accepting new members for the coming year, and I encourage anyone IN THE COMMUNITY AT LARGE who has an interest in singing (NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED) to consider joining our group in the Fall. Feel free to contact me for more information: cheri@hazzanit.com

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