The High Holy Days take place in your heart... wherever you may be.

Before his passing, my beloved father-in-law, Howard Weiss (z”l), of blessed memory, was unable to attend High Holy Days services due to illness, but wanted to hear me sing the “Kol Nidre” prayer.  He lived in Wisconsin and I live in California and had a High Holy Days position in Providence, Rhode Island, so my only option was to send him a recording. I was told that it brought him to tears and he requested that it be played over and over again.  It occurred to me that there must be thousands of people unable to attend services on the High Holy Days due to health problems or other reasons beyond their control.  I wanted to bring the spirit of these holy days to them.

Thus my album "HINENI: Music for the High Holy Days" was born.

Celebration of the High Holy Days does not have to take place in a synagogue.  It takes place in your heart, wherever you may be.  During these special days, we take a journey of the soul that may travel from fear to joy, from contemplation to inspiration.  Above all, these days fill us with hope: for peace and understanding, wisdom and acceptance.

 It is my sincerest desire that the songs and prayers of this album help bring you comfort and spiritual sustenance during the Days of Awe.


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